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Yihua Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. is a modernized aluminum production technology and stainless steel pipe production of large enterprises by the Hong Kong Yi-hua Steel Co., the sole proprietor of foreign enterprises. Founded in 1993, the plant covers an area thirty-six thousand square meters. Located in the Pearl River Delta hinterland rich NAO country's largest non-ferrous metal hometown, the country's largest aluminum production base, "the first town of Chinese aluminum" - Dali, nine kilometers east of Guangzhou, Foshan Chancheng the south, geography unique, convenient transportation, information developed. The new production base is located in Zhaoqing City, Mong high-tech zones Beijiang Road Yihua Industrial Park, covers an area of ​​500 acres, the annual production capacity of up to 80,000 tons.

Our initial capital investment of four thousand dollars 8 million from Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan imported the most advanced and comprehensive range of aluminum production equipment and stainless steel production equipment, and with seven 3,000-kilowatt generator sets, with casting rod, mold design, computer-controlled extrusion profiles to the oxidation coloring, electrophoretic coating process, powder coating and stainless steel mechanical control pickling, cold rolling, opening film, pipe, polishing, embossing a one-stop computer , mechanization, modernization of production lines. So that enterprises annual output of 40,000 tons of stainless steel pipes and 40,000 tons of aluminum. Perfect and advanced production equipment, superior product quality, friendly service! I became the town of Dali billion yuan output value of private enterprises.

I pursued the company customer-oriented, honesty, credibility of the first for the purpose. Is committed to research and development of new varieties, the production of high-quality, energy-saving, environmentally friendly building aluminum and stainless steel tubing. Strong technical force, with all kinds of professionals, stand out in this field in many aluminum manufacturers, a peer leader. The company made the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation issued a production license in 1993 after 97 years to obtain the highest authority of the national quality certification body Bureau of Technical Supervision issued by China Quality Mark Certification Committee radius certificate. In 2002 the company to improve the management, rigorous work by virtue of the company's own high-quality personnel to its strength by ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and China radius of product quality certification, a peer in a rare precedent. And the quality of service in the same year again China Building Materials Circulation Association awarded qualified rest assured that no poison green building materials honor certificate and many other bronze medal, certificate.

Taste perfect pace with the times, Yi-hua and you would with a new era of innovation with new views of the construction era, the common feeling of the breath of modern architecture.

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